Our Great Pyrenees

Puppies coming Fall 2020!

Great Pyrenees, AKC registered Livestock Guardian Dogs: Xena (Dame) and Sheba (Sire)


Our AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) Great Pyrenees' Xena and Sheba will be creating opportunities for our customers to adopt their own AKC LGD Great Pyrenees. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) Preliminarily Report states the following:

Sheba received an "Excellent Hip Joint Conformation" which is defined by OFA as "superior hip joint conformation as compared with other individuals of the same breed and age". And Xena received a "Good Hip Joint Conformation" meaning she has "well formed hip and joint conformation as compared with other individuals of the same breed and age". Both checked negative for elbow dysplasia as well. For Xena's health, we separated them during her first heat so her next heat should come sometime this summer....so stay tuned for fall puppy announcements! We are now taking reservations. Call early to reserve your puppy and to ensure you get the sex you want.



About the Great Pyrenees

According to YourDogAdvisor.com the great white mountain dog from the Pyrenees isn’t like many other canines you’re likely to find. Their steadfast poise and undying loyalty make them perfect as livestock guardians and as gentle family pets.


But these dogs are also very independent and a bit aloof and require a lot of socialization when they are young in order to grow into well-rounded canine companions. Not every owner has what it takes to mold the wild GP into a house pet, but those who do are rewarded with a dog that is as loveable as it is beautiful.

To learn more about the majestic ghost of the Spanish mountains and to find out if this unique breed is right for you please visit https://yourdogadvisor.com/great-pyrenees/.

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