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Our Farm

Our animals are humanely and responsibly raised and grown at Wildwood Women, LLC Farm. They are given ample room to roam and graze freely living a natural life while receiving supplemental fresh produce and high quality grains daily. Their water supplies are always fresh, provided by our well, and they are never given hormones nor antibiotics. We raise our animals in very small lots providing us the ability to give our animals our full attention and their best possible life.

As part of our philosophy, we have a deep respect for nature’s ways, which is why all of our produce is farmed responsibly without the use of herbicides nor pesticides. Our produce may not be perfect but they are perfectly delicious. That is because they are all grown naturally and non-GMO to support your best health.  We only sell whatever is in season, so you can be sure that anything you buy at Wildwood Women, LLC Farm is freshly picked.

Our Farm: Products
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